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Tay's Outlook: Third Wave Feminism


This is one word in today's society that elicits four main reactions;

The strong third wave feminists: These are the people responsible for this new wave of feminism. The outspoken men and women who believe and strongly stand their ground against this in every way.

The strongly opposed: Similarly to our first group of people, these are the educated individuals who are strongly against feminism. They have done their research and understand what these third wavers stand for and disagree with their policies.

These two groups of people are the smallest percentage of the general population. The majority of which sit in the following two categories;

The girls who think they're feminists: These are a lot of naive young females in society who don't have a good grasp of what the third wavers are all about, but they are told, some may say brainwashed, into believing that feminism is a great thing.
They usually hold this opinion because of role models around them that say tha…

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