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The Power of Film: My 3 Must See Films

Today I wanted to take a second and talk about something that holds a really large place in my heart! Third only to coffee and literature... and that's film!

I could rattle on about how strong a power that films have on us, especially today with the invention of netflix and stan and all of the other 15 streaming sites that I pay monthly for. At the end of the day, film is one of the best ways not only to entertain, but also to get across important life lessons and expand the minds of those who are watching them.

So I compiled a list of my 5 favourite films so that you guys can have a read and maybe even get inspired to broaden your minds and watch a few, if you haven't already!

1. A Beautiful Mind

I could not recommend this film any more, as I also cannot express just how inspiring, courageous and strong the main character is.

This film is based on the biography of nobel prize winner in mathetmatics, John Nash and his incredible fight and struggle between his paranoid schizop…

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